Ageing well and looking good

Ageing well is about feeling good about yourself. If you make an effort to look good then you usually find that you feel good. Here are five fashion fashion faux pas I would seek to avoid – although these days pretty much anything goes when it comes to fashion for the older woman,

1. Dungarees and boiler suits – when I was a young mum I thought these were very practical – except when I wanted to visit the loo.  Now they are back on trend. To the older woman I would say avoid altogether – unless you actually are a motor mechanic or an engineer working on a major building project. 

2. Ripped jeans – to me these are a trend akin to bell-bottom trousers of the 1970’s.  I am sure in years to come, photos of people wearing ripped jeans will be just as cringe-worthy.  I would prefer to be remembered as someone who eschewed this particular embarrassing trend, 

Ripped jeans are akin to embarrassing bell bottoms

3. The cold-shoulder look – unless we spend hours in the gym, our upper arms lose their elasticity as we get older and they are really not that pretty.  Why expose them to the world?

4. The same hairstyle we had as teens – as we age our hair loses its colour and starts to thin – you may even lose it altogether.  Embrace those changes.  Decide to go grey or colour your hair. But make up your mind one way or another. Long grey roots on jet black dyed hair is not a good look. 

5. Killer heels. I have a weakness for shoes and boots.  I admit if I am dressing for an occasion a little heel on the shoe sets the outfit off. But as we get older our balance can be affected.  Slips, falls and trips can lead to becoming housebound or hospitalised.  The best form of prevention is to wear more flat shoes if you are likely to walk any distance. There are so many flattering styles to choose from, 

We don’t have to avoid every fashion trend – the best advice is to wear what YOU feel comfortable in whatever your age. 

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My background is journalism and public relations, and I had senior PR roles in business-to-business, utilities, rail transport, and science education. Now semi-retired, I like to write about issues affecting ageing. I firmly believe keeping fit and watching what we eat can help ward off long term mobility issues.
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