Facing up to death while enjoying your life

This blog is about ageing positively, living well and enjoying our later life. So when an icon like David Bowie dies at 69 it makes us all realise our own mortality. It seemed ironic to me because just before Christmas a dear friend of ours also called David died at 69 – the same age as Bowie.  He wasn’t a world famous musician but he was really into his music, having a vast knowledge of the contemporary, rock, jazz and world genres – and like Bowie he seemed to be ageless somehow.

David Hugh Evans, forever young

David Hugh Evans, forever young


Of course there was a time when the biblical three score years and ten from Psalm 90 was more or less our life expectancy. But today we are pushing the boundaries far beyond that and many are living to greet a full century. By these standards it’s a shock when someone dies relatively young whether from the dreaded Cancer, a sudden heart attack or like our friend after a serious infection.

Which brings me to the unmentionable taboo of later life – death itself.


Bowie had very much the right attitude, releasing a critically acclaimed album just days before he shuffled off his mortal coil. He lives on through his music anyway but he has also left us the gift of some new work to discover. Most of us are not talented enough to leave a legacy like that but we can make life easier for our friends and relatives after we’ve gone by facing up to death while enjoying our life.  A funeral can cost anything from £3,000 to £5,000 so putting money aside or taking out an insurance policy can help.

Writing down how you want your body to be disposed of and whether you want a religious ceremony or a humanist one, even choosing music can really make the event a celebration of your life and can actually be uplifting,

It goes without saying that a lot of heartache can be saved by making sure your Will is up to date. This may sound morbid in a blog that is about making the most of your life. But I am not suggesting you dwell on it. Just think the unthinkable, make your plans and move on and enjoy the rest of your life.

I hope it’s a long one.

I haven’t blogged for a while because I am working on a book on Positive Ageing that I plan to publish as an e-book very soon. Watch this space.

















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